Monday, March 15, 2010


Original charcoal drawing.
9 x 12
Matted and framed.
Shipping in the USA 8.50
Shipping outside the USA 15.00


  1. Hello Olivia,
    I'm sorry to here your email is acting up.
    Hopefully it will be back to normal soon.
    WOW!!!!! That is very expensive. Please do not ever pay that much. You never have to apologize!!!!!!
    60.00 in way too much money!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be sending you out a birthday package within the next month.
    Thank you for letting me know your having difficulties with your email.
    I hope your enjoying the warmer weather now. I have been busy painting these past few days.
    Wishing you a great evening!

  2. Good evening, Lydia,

    thank you for your understanding.
    I am looking forward to receiving the birthday gift,


  3. Hello Olivia,
    Your very welcome. I would never expect you to pay that much!
    I will be sending your gift out soon!
    Wishing you a beautiful afternoon!!!!
    The weather is finally getting nice here!

  4. In my small strip of land in front of the house the primroses are in full bloom, the sun is shining, spring has finally arrived.

    Wishing you a good day,

  5. Hello Olivia,
    How Nice!!!!!! I am sure you were so excited to see all the primroses!
    Today the school called because my son had a fever, so I had to go and him.
    I ended up doing front landscape work since I had to be home. It was beautiful out. All sunshine and mid 60's. I cut back my climbing roses, my rogosa roses and my other rose bushes. I also cut back my butterfly bush.
    I cut the old flowers off of my lilacs and I took the old sunflowers out of my veggie garden.
    I was soooo Excited to see my garlic growing that I planted last autumn!!!!!!! It's going to be a great garlic year in my garden!!!
    Enjoy the spring, I look so forward to spring finally being here and winter being over!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful morning.

  6. I also am looking forward to spring which seems to have begun over here. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and my Chou-Chou is out more than ever. Oh, well !

  7. Hello Olivia,
    That is great!!!!!
    I am glad the weather is nice where you are.
    It's very nice here this week, but can you believe there is snow and cold weather in our forcast for next week!!!!
    You can't be assured nice weather here until the end of May and many times until the middle of June.
    This is why I wait until the first week of June to plant my veggie garden. and the second week of June to plant my beans.
    Wishing you a beautiful evening and Chou Chou a very adventurous Spring!