Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello Kitty Painting For My Girl

Here is an oil painting I did while on my blog break.
It's now hanging in my daughter's room.


  1. Bonjour Lydia,

    what a pretty painting for a young girl.

    Meanwhile I have received your spring package and would like to thank you very much for your long letter and the lovely bookmark with the butterflies which you made for me.

    I sent you a spring parcel, too. Have you received it ? Included is a long letter and another of those metal plaques to hang on the wall. The motive is "Riviera - Cote d'Azur".
    Please let me know if the letter in it reached you, too. I translated an article from "Midi Libre" for you and would like to know your opinion about it.


  2. Hello Olivia,
    I am glad to see you are back online and I like the looks of your blog.
    Yes, I just received your package and I love it thank you!!!!!
    I also love all the info you sent me, I will answer you more in depth in my next letter to you on my thoughts about "Midi Libre" You sent me some great info.
    I hope the sun is shining very bright for you right now!!!!!!!!
    I have my garden going well,
    Wishing you a very beautiful day!
    I's glad you liked the bookmark. I also sent you a birthday gift. You should be receiving it any day if you havn't already.
    I am happy you like this painting. I have hung it my my daughter's room.

  3. Bonjour Lydia,

    I will go and check the post office again this week, looking for the birthday gift.

    Last week most airports were closed in France.On the news they said it was because of volcanic ashes from Island forming dangerous clouds ... Who knows if this is true. I do not trust the official news any more, knowing how we are lied to every day.

    Anyway, your birthday parcel should have arrived by now. I am looking forward very much to seeing my gift, the beautiful "Hearts attached". I will hang them up over my place of meditation so I can meditate on the good qualities of attached hearts daily ...

    I see that you have different visitors than before on your Simple Vegan blog. That pleases me immensely and I will return back there now immediately.


  4. Hello Olivia,
    I am so happy you got your gift. I might of gave you the wrong painting name. I'm sorry for the mix up.
    I will also send you the close up of a pansy as a gift before the end of the summer as soon as I figure out how to ship it to you safely. It's a watercolor and lager than the healing heart painting. I may pack it in a box for you so it is very safe during the shipping to France!
    I don't blame you one bit for not believing some of what is said on the news. Propaganda remember, is big and it works if used to make a wide group of people believe something that is not true, just to get them to react the way they want.
    yes i do have new people visiting me. I would love it if you would return to my blog again!
    More people visit me there, even though I have tried to get them here and my other blog, they all prefer my simple vegan blog.
    I recieved your package and I love it!
    I will write you very very soon and mail out the letter. If I find the right box I will mail you out the watercolor you like from me too! you will get before summer instead.
    Have a very beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bonjour Lydia,

    I am very happy with the "healing heart". I placed it standing on the mantle of my fireplace to meditate with daily.

    Actually I took the white passepartout off because it arrived a bit wrinkled and I like the painting better without frame anyway.

    So this is what I'd like to suggest:

    If you find a hard cardboard box to pack the water color it will be probably arrive undamaged, but all those soft packages get tossed about and the contents get wrinkled.

    It does not really matter for soft contents like towels, handkerchiefs, letters, etc. But it would be a shame to wrinkle the lovely "Pansy" water color.

    So if you do not find a hard cardboard box, why don't you save those works for me until you will come over and bring them along in the suitcase ?

    Of course I will pay for them. I will give you the equivalent price in Euro currency, so you will have some spending money while you are here, visiting me in France.

    Looking forward to getting your next letter soon.

    Did you get the package with the metal plaque "Cote d'Azur" ? In it there is a long letter with a translation of an article from the "Midi Libre" about an exchange program of doctors between France and Bolivia. I would like to have your opinion about it.

    Thank you very much !

  6. Hello Olivia,
    I am happy you are pleased with the painting. I am sorry to hear the matt came damaged. It was brand new too. I do understand that more fragile things like paintings ect should be packed in boxes.
    I will make sure to send you a the water color in a safely packed box with your next letter. I want to give you the pansy painting as a gift. I do not want you to pay for it.
    I know you will like it too.
    I have received the plaque. It's so nice! I love it!!!!!!!
    I had to work today and I feel like I may be coming down with a flu or something. I hope not. If I get worse, I'll go to bed.
    I did read up on the info you sent me. I thought it was very interesting about the doctors exchange in France and in bolivia!!!!!
    I wish that my children would want to be doctors in the future! what a wonderful job and they make good money too. I will keep my finger's crossed that one of them will have an interest in being a doctor.
    You are very welcome!
    I am taking a painting break, as soon as planting slows I'll pick up my brushes once again!
    I hope to get over to France soon and when I do I'll bring some art.
    I am working on my next letter to you right now.
    Have a wonderful evening!!!!!!!

  7. Bonsoir Lydia,

    I have bought a magazine about French universities here in Nimes and nearby in Montpellier.

    I will translate the articles which might be interesting for you.

    How about sending your children over for schooling in France ? You might want to check out French exchange programs that they could participate in. It would not cost much as they would be living with French families while going to school here.

    Thank you for sending me the Pansy, I am looking forward to receiving it.

    The bigger water colors and oils should be brought over in the suitcase when you come for a visit.

    Wishing you a good evening,

  8. Hello Olivia,
    I would be interested in reading the translation about the exchange programs offered in France.
    I think it's important for my kids to be cultured and the only way they can is through traveling and experiencing other countries, cities ect........ because they are seeing different costoms eating different foods, seeing different buildings and hearing different languages. Most of all traveling teaches them how not to be sheltered, but instead intereact with many different types of people from all over the place.
    I will encourage them to travel and take try out foriegn exchange while in High school. France would be a perfect place for them to go to school. As soon as they are old enough to start language classes, I would love for them to take French. I wish I would have signed up for language class in high school, but I was young and nieve and too busy waisting my time on things that did not matter. I will make sure my children do not do the same and take advantage of the things they can learn through school for the future.
    They already teach them spanish at their elementary school. I think that's great!
    I will wait to bring the rest of the paintings in with me. I look forward to visiting you!
    I will send your painting out to you next week!
    Wishing you a very beautiful day!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  9. Bonsoir Lydia,

    I am glad your children are learning Spanish already. I hope they will both take up French as soon as possible.

    Please encourage them to grow up multi-lingual, it is extremely important !

    I will translate all of the articles of the French Education Magazine I bought and will send them to you one by one. It deals with University only, but maybe you can find some exchange programs by looking up Google ?
    Or if you ask at Ivy's school ?

    I see that your art blog is picking up more visitors, that's good. Jamerson gave you a few comments and Lina registered as "follower". How about selling something to Jamerson ? That would be great ...


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  11. slam lydia
    nice 2visit your artblog, the Art is great talent and a gift from God,I still remember the painting of a naked girl with no colors in your old blog, and it was fantastic
    this Painting in your daughter room is beautiful and show the spirit of childhood,am Happy am visiting your art blog and I will return
    say hi 2 your family and have anice week end