Monday, September 6, 2010

"Garden Critters-Ladybug's Picnic"

This is the second of my "garden critter's" series called "Ladybug's Picnic." 
 Painting size:
 8X10 unframed
 Oil on stretched canvas
$95.00 US
$8.oo in the USA
$14.00 outside the USA


  1. This is pretty, Lydia.

    I love the ladybug on the white and red

    checkered kitchen towel with the flower

    in the right hand bottom corner.

    You have been very creative lately, bravo.



  2. Hello Olivia!
    Thank You!
    I have been painting an awful lot lately.
    I have this series of four complete.
    I now have 5 more paintings to finish for Halloween, before the end of October. I plan on spending much of this time painting.
    I look forward to showing them all.
    I hope your day was nice? The weather has been crisp and chilly here, with not much sun for 3 days now. What a switch from the intense heat and sunshine of July and August!
    I am sure it will start cooling off where you are very soon too!
    I know it stays hotter where you are longer than where I am.

  3. Good evening Lydia,

    today was much cooler already,

    and tonight a refreshing rain

    is drizzling down, I am glad,

    I won't have to water the plants.

    The rainy season is starting to

    set in now.

    Chou-Chou is sleeping on the table.


    He loves to sleep in strange places:

    on the table, high up on cupboards,

    in the laundry basket ...



  4. hello Olivia,
    I am sure your welcoming the cooler air after the very hot summer in France!
    September here started with cool, weather, clouds and rain.
    Chow chow sounds adorable! You must love spending time with him!
    Animals are wonderful. Many I find an animal's company very healing.
    We need to cherish our animals and show them our love everyday!
    I am sure Chow Chow is very very happy with you! He sounds very content.
    Enjoy, being at home, Chow Chow and the rainy season,

  5. Yes, Lydia,

    I am glad the weather has cooled down,

    it is not suffocating any more.

    The rainy season has brought the first

    storm this year, with loud thunder

    and torrents of rain last night.

    * * *

    Chou-Chou was out and came in all

    soaked and dirty !

    I enjoy living with him, he is

    such a sweet tomboy, I truly love

    him. He is my best friend.

    Actually, he is my only friend over

    here. I find animals' company so

    much better than people.



  6. I sure cherish Chou-Chou and

    show him my love every day.

    And he does the same for me.

    He is very happy with me, true.

    He has it good here.



  7. Hello Olivia,
    I often find our pets are such great company and our kitties know just the right time to come up to us and show us their care and affection. We don't always need people to make us feel loved. Having pets and being close to them can give us that same loving feeling. The great thing about an animal's love is that it is unconditional.
    Chou chou is lucky to have such a loving owner like you! Many people get animals then ignore them. This is sad. Animals need love just as people do.
    It is thundering here too right now as i type this to you!
    It was very hot here today upper 80's. Great for my garden.
    I am sure Chou Chou is all you need to be happy Olivia.
    Enjoy your evening and I am also wishing you many blessings!

  8. Thank you, Lydia.

    Chou-Chou is great company,

    and so sweet. Sometimes he is

    a tomboy, sometimes sleepy and lazy.

    We have had thunderstorms too for

    two nights, quite scary.