Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sun< moon & stars

"Sun, moon and stars"
Oil on stretched canvas


  1. slam Lydia
    haw are u,
    ihave been very far in the meddle of arabian desert in saudi arabia.then iclosed my blog To visit my country Sudan safely
    am back naw
    am happy to see thos wonderful pantings.It shows the spirit of childhood and the joy of color.especially when the sunand moon turns into a human face,That the greatness of art and beauty of creative imagination
    have anice day

  2. Hello Osama,
    I'm happy you are back safe and sound.I hope you were able to see you family in Sudan and enjoy your holidays together.
    Thank you for all the wonderful complentents on my artwork. I love to paint. Paintng takes me away at times.
    I will start visiting your blog again once you open it.
    wishing you a very nice new year with many blessings to go with it!