Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monarch on Stargazer

8 x 10
Matted and framed in gold colored frame.
65.00 US
Ships for 12.00 in The USA.


  1. This monarch is lovely, dear Lydia,
    but the pink chrysalis is my top favorite.
    I am glad it is available for sale and the blue pansy, too.

    I want to buy both watercolors and sent you an email about it (sizes in cm, payment by paypal, shipping, etc.)

    Wishing you a creative month of March which will begin tomorrow,


  2. Hello Olivia,
    Thank you! I responded to your email about both of the paintings you like earlier today!
    They are both available.
    I am happy you like them and will send them out to you when you wish.
    I am looking forward to a very creative month. I am also happy winter is almost over!!!!!!!!
    The days are getting longer slowly.
    wishing you a wonderful evening!

  3. Dear Lydia,

    I want to buy both water colors, as I wrote to you in my last email (pink chrysalis and blue-yellow pansy).

    Will you place them on "Artfire" so I can pay there with Paypal ? Or how do I pay you ?

    Thank you for letting me know,

  4. Helo Olivia,
    Thank you that s very nice!
    I can put them on artfire, or I can mail me payment through the mail personally. What ever is easier for you.
    JUst let me know and I will be happy to do either for you.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  5. Dear Lydia,

    I think mailing cash in an envelope is not wise, it might get lost or stolen.

    I could send you the money from my bank account if you give me your account number.

    Or I can pay with Paypal (Mastercard) if you place your two paintings on Artfire who accepts Paypal. Do you have to pay them a commission or is it free ?

    Let me know whatever is best for you.


  6. Hello Olivia,
    I have decided that the best way to pay me is through artfire. I have listed the paintings on Artfire already along with many other paintings.
    I hope your having a beautiful afternoon!

  7. Wow such beautiful talent my beautiful dear friend I'm in awe have a great day!!!