Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Oil on canvas.
5 x 7
$50. US.
Free Shipping in the US.
8.00 shipping outside the US.


  1. Thank you for showing this heart called "Release". You know that it is one of my favourites from your hearts series.


  2. Hello Olivia,
    Thank you!
    I love this one also. I really enjoyed painting the heart series. I now look forward to starting my spring flower series. I hope to have at least 4 to 6 oils in all at the completion of the series.
    Wishing you a wonderful evening!

  3. Dear Lydia,

    how do you sell and mail your oil paintings ?
    Are they on cardboard ? And are they supposed to be framed afterwards or could I hang them without a frame ?

    Thank you for answering,

  4. Dear Lydia,
    I would like to specify my questions after having visited Helene Glehen's site.

    She writes under some of her artwork:
    - oil on canvas board
    - oil on wood panel
    - oil on stretched canvas

    What are the differences ? Can they be hung without frames ? I find framing too expensive and would like to have one of your oils without the need to frame.

    Helene Glehen writes under one painting:
    stretched canvas, this canvas has painted sides, no need for framing.

    Can you do something similar, too ?

    Thank you for your response,

  5. Hello Olivia,
    The oils I paint are always on canvas (wrapped on wood) or canvas panel (which is flat.)
    You have to frame the paintings on flat canvas panels, but to keep the shipping cost down and because everyone has their own preferences of frames, sometimes paintings are sold without frames.
    The ones that are stretched, do not have to be framed at all. I have some hanging in my home unframed. Your right olivia! The sides are painted to match the work. I like that look better than frames myself.
    If you are interested un any of my oils unframed The ones painted on stretched canvas need no frames. As a matter of fact there is no need to frame the abstract hearts I will be sending you for your birthday.
    Thank you so much for inquiring about this all. I wanted to clarify this.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  6. Dear Lydia,

    thank you very much for your explanations.
    So what I have to look for is "stretched canvas" wrapped on wood. I like this look. I have one like that, from an artist friend back where I lived before. The painting is light and I hung it without frame. It looks nice.

    Thank you for mailing my birthday present for me, the "Abstraction of love". I am looking forward to receiving it.

    I will wait for your gallery to show more of your work with prices, and also the spring garden series. Then I will order some paintings from you. I still have space on my walls. The paintings need to be light in weight.

    By the way, I finally got Ivy's birthday present out this week. I am sorry for the delay. Please keep checking your post box. I hope you will receive the package next week.


  7. Hello Olivia,
    Your very welcome. I have decided to paint most of my future paintings on stretched canvas. I like the look and they are light enough to keep shipping costs down.
    I will send your birthday present "the abstraction of love" out as soon as the sides dry. I put an extra coat of paint around the sides to make it look nice for you and to make the color look a bit deeper around the sides.
    Ivy will look forward to her gift. Thank you! I look forward to your letter too.
    I just finished another Halloween painting I started 3 years ago. Now I am finishing up another halloween painting which completes my Halloween series for this year.
    Once I complete that painting I will start my spring series. They will be on small stretched canvas, like some of my hearts are painted on.
    Wishing you a wonderful day! Enjoy the warm up in your country.

  8. Dear Lydia,

    I am looking forward to my birthday gift, thank you.

    It is still warm here, but it is raining today. The small blue iris have faded already, but the yellow crocusses are in full bloom.

    Inside the house I have Amaryllis and Clivia in bloom. These bulb flowers look beautiful, too.

    Thank you for your further explanations. Light stretched canvas (wrapped around wood) is perfect for my purposes.